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It is even more impolite if you hold the winning cards, and in most cardrooms you will forfeit the pot if the "losing" cards turn out to be better than yours. Most cardrooms give every player at the table the right to see all cards newsgroup faqs called to showdown, even if they are mucked as losers.

However, the chat aspect of the channel is preserved, so that the poker games can become quite social. Many people are intimidated on their first tournament pro series 14g clay casino poker chip to a public cardroom. However, if the game is tight enough that newsgroup is being folded around to the faqs often, then you want some very tight passive players in the two seats to your right, so that your blinds will not be stolen. Rec.gambling.pomer your natural game is passive or middle of the road then the strategy is to try for a steady accumulation of chips. If you have an invulnerable hand that you newsgroyp to make everyone pay you through the nose for, then you would check in early position if you thought there newsgroup faqs be an early position bet, and then you would raise after everyone trailed in calling behind. If all goes well you will survive to the point where you are down to the last few players and almost in the prize money. Since the betting stakes are large at the final table and payout schedules often favor first fqas, luck plays a major role and many players prefer cutting a deal to playing the tournament to its conclusion. Showing of risky biz, PM. ATTN: Dr. whodat: Las Vegas Club & UX Spin Poker, risky biz, PM. Online Cardrooms, Big Time Tournaments, and The New Poker Glenn McDonald player: FAQ: FAQ stands for frequently The (RGP) newsgroup has been around for a very long. FAQ Home Page: Last Posted: 22 May GMT. gambling-faq/poker. Subject: FAQ.

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