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It was when Bond shovelled the great wad of notes out on to the table and the croupier busied himself with the task of counting the pinned onlije of ten thousand franc notes, the largest denomination reward casino770 in France, that he caught a swift exchange of glances between Le Chiffre and the gunman standing directly behind Bond. Had no notion, probably, of the bitterness of his defeat. In fact, Washington's pretty sick we're not running the show, but you know what the big brass is like.

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Federal approval was finally granted December 23, making the land a sovereign reservation for the Cowlitz tribal government, housing, and economic ztate. The tribe sees the Ilani — which means "sing" in the Cowlitz language — as the key to a long-overdue reversal of fortunes for its 4, members, who are scattered mostly across western Washington.

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